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Lampshade is decorated in 10 minutes

Table Lamp - gorgeous decor items. And it can make of these seemingly malopodhodyaschih things like a bottle of wine, the old ceiling and dried flowers.

You will need:
 Wine bottle with wide neck and screw cap
 Lamp holders with an electric cord
 Matt Lamp
 Shears for sheet metal
 Drill and drill bit for glass and ceramics
 Dried flowers or anything from pasta to a decorative sand and seashells
 Multi-colored satin ribbons
 Any all-purpose adhesive, for example, "The Moment"

 At the bottom of a bottle of wine make a hole for a cord. The most important thing - in any case, do not press a drill on the bottle, the glass may break. Proceed slowly and gently.
 In the tin lid cut a hole for the cartridge and insert it so that when screwing the lid wire was inside the bottle, and the cartridge - the outside. After skipping a bottle of wire with a plug on the end and fasten it to the patron.
 Gently fall asleep in a bottle of dried flowers so that they are fully covered cord. If you are not home dried flowers, you can buy at the store ready to pour in a sachet or bottle of any other material.
 Take an old lampshade bored and turn it into a stylish piece of furniture obtyagivaya colorful silk ribbons. Vertical pattern - the best place to play. Apply glue to the edge of the tape and glue the edge of a wire frame inside a lampshade. Along the length of adhesive tape applied is not necessary.
 Set the shade on the lid, swirl screw securing element cartridge, screw in a lightbulb.

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