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Xin. An article on tuning Acura RSX TYPE S, 2006

Xin. An article on tuning Acura RSX TYPE S, 2006

In our magazine there is a law that if a car appeared on the cover of a competitor (even if it comes in the same publishing house that we do), he never gets to our pages. But every rule there can be exceptions - only if the car has been completely redone. Of course, many and replacement of wheels seems a dramatic change, but our focus will attract only a car, whose adaptations have invested some serious money and effort.
In his previous life Acura RSX, owned by Fred Chan (Fred Chang), managed to light up in a huge number of magazines and guides on tuning. This car stuffed with nearly complete catalog of spare parts HKS, was not equal to either the show or on the track.

From the date of purchase of this machine, Fred knew that she always gets in the magazines. Participated in several races, he realized that his car (who would have thought that one day he wound about 160 kilometers) is innate to become something more than the super-star in the pages of the Internet. Fred bought for the daily needs of Honda Fit, and began the transformation of high-grade RSX race car. Change is expected body, interior and, of course, color.

The body has been painted in the shop before Top Secret Gold by MOBworks, and Fred sent the car back to Miguel Ortiz on a mission to paint the Golden cleaned bright red cover. Bumper from Mugen suffered in one of the races, so Fred decided to install a brand new aerodynamic body kit Mugen N1. However, in order to underweight rose, as expected, he had to replace the chassis components on the car in 2006: the front part of it completely, tail lights and front xenon lights from the Japanese DC5 Integra Type R.

Once the body has been painted, the work in the salon. Generally, the car was originally white, and the interior was done in shades of cream - but it does not combined with a new body color. Fred contacted by some friends in the Honda and ordered a new interior - from the dashboard and roof sheathing and finishing plastic screws - black.

Before installing a new interior, MOBworks painted every inch of the interior in red, after which they were installed extensions EM Racing and frame L Tuned, and Braille battery was moved to the trunk. After installing the dashboard Fred put the wheel to the hub Mugen, the device "quick release" of the Sparco steering wheel and Personal 360, and then - a new cover CPR, instruments and door sills from the Japanese Integra Type-R. A pair of "buckets" Bride Zeta III Takata belts were installed using a bracket Bride Super Low. The car also received new wheels Advan RG II 18x8, 5 (instead of the old black Volk LE-37K) and a set of tires Yokohama Parada Spec 2. Tuning the suspension was to install new coilovers HiperMax II by HKS, Mugen jumpers and rear lower arm from Carbing. The brake system was upgraded because of the large discs and calipers from Project Mu.

The first version of the RSX language will not turn to call slow. This car used the U.S. Department of HKS turbo for testing various components, particularly for motor K20. The new version RSX tuner HKS-magician John Kuroyama (Jon Kuroyama) produced a kit based on the turbine bearing HKS 2835 and brought it to the dyno stand-up more than 400 hp on wheels. Among the other parts from HKS - Intercooler GT Type S, intake Reloaded Super Mega Flow, prototype release Hi-Power Performance injectors and 680cc. Fred also modified the stock transmission, replacing the final drive on onuyu from the Japanese Integra Type-R, and putting a limited slip differential is also of Type R. From the purely aesthetic reasons, he changed the black cover on the red valve on the Type R, put the lid on the ARC spark carbon fiber cover and intake manifold of the Vision. Now planned to prepare for the final RSX Time Attack, where he will race debut. It is interesting to see what this car will be capable of.

Fred only 23 years old, but already he has worked with the best drifters in the American Slipstream, run by his own media company Xerotalent and is in constant search of new big deal. "I do not consider myself a tuner, because I am far from immediate trouble with spare parts," - he said. - "But I try to do something with their hands, because some knowledge and skills I have. How many can remember, I was always interested in cars. And then suddenly it turned out that this can be removed simply incredible size gains. This car is - my drug, my wife, my headache. It is in that order. " We are well aware of what you, Fred.


OWNER: Fred Chang (Fred Chang)
ENGINE: 2.0L DOHC iVTEC K20; turbo kit HKS 2835, exhaust manifold, intercooler, GT Type S, earthing system Earth Circle System, inlet Reloaded Super Mega Flow, a prototype 80-mm-release Hi-Power, sump D1, radiator cap D1, candles Super Fire Racing, custom-made fuel return SPL and control the fuel injectors to 680cc, tuned by John Kuroyamoy; clutch Exedy; JDM DC5R cover the valve mechanism, final drive and limited slip differential, fuel rail AEM; radiator C &R; fan SPAL; spark plug cap ARC; carbon cap an intake manifold Vision; oil line with stainless steel braid, fittings, sports battery Braille (moved)
HORSEPOWER: 387 hp on wheels with 403 Nm of torque at 14,7 psi (1,03 kg/cm2)
ELECTRONICS: HKS F-Con V Pro version 3.2, the regulator valve, turbo timer
SUSPENSION: Rack assembly HKS HiperMax II; bridge between the upper suspension mounting Mugen (front and rear), strut EM Racing; frame L Tuned; rear lower control arm Carbing
WHEEL: Advan RG II 18x8, 5 with the removal of +31; Yokohama Parada Spec 2 configurations 215/40R18; clamping nuts Racing Nut R40
Brakes: Project Mu: wheels and pipes with corrosion-resistant coating of limited edition
EXTERIOR: The front aero bumper, aerodynamic corners of the bumper, racing front lower panel, side skirts, tailgate, adjustable rear wing, tow hooks - all of Mugen; mirrors Vision Type DC; carbon hood; vetroviki, xenon lights, emblems and side marker lights - all JDM DC5R; work with the body and paint - from MOBworks
INTERIOR: Steering Wheel Personal 360; adapter FET Nardi; hub steering wheel and pedals Mugen; device "quick release" from Sparco; gear knob HKS D1 limited edition, cover the box, instrument panel, door sills - JDM DC5R; belts Takata MPH-340 ; Seats Bride Zeta III Sport and brackets / supports Super Low

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