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Specifications Acura CSX

Acura CSX car went into production in 2005 and is available today. The car is made in the likeness of HONDA Civic sedan. This model belongs to a business class S, superior. The car is made exclusively for the domestic market of Canada, where he built a plant for the production of this car in Alliston.

Body Acura CSX - 4-door sedan, 2.0 liter engine. CAT models 5 stupenchastaya automatic and manual 6-stupenchastaya mechanical. Weight Acura CSX - 1317 kg (1322 kg - automatic transmission).

Standard equipment includes 16-inch alloy wheels, electronic stability control, ABS, side airbags, leather steering wheel with audio control, etc.

Fuel consumption in the model with manual transmission is 6.4 liters on the highway, 8.7-liter in the city. To view this car Acura CSX must use at least 92-th gasoline.

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