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Acura TSX

Acura TSX (Acura TSX) - mid-size sedan class E, young Japanese car company Acura. Bright representative model year 2006 took important place in the lineup between the coupe and sedan Acura RSX Acura TL. To date, the cost of basic kit car in the Russian market is 1.685 million rubles.

More dynamic as compared to Acura NSX, Acura TSX looks emphasize chrome alloy wheels, a powerful rear bumper, wide tinted sunroof, which provides sun protection effect, and the aerodynamic design reduces interior turbulence and wind noise when the door is open. Shop-to-date version of the model involves a luxurious leather trim, easy to use dashboard and a variety of pockets for small items. Remote engine start system can start and stop the motor at a distance of 6 meters.

Specifications Acura TSX represented a 2.4-liter engine capacity of 205 L4 horsepower. In addition to front-drive powertrain cross-section located this modification be completed, or Acura TSX 6-speed manual transmission or 5-speed automatic.

Acura TSX in Stylish. sedan - is not only excellent speed performance, but also the confidence, security and comfort.

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