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Acura RSX

If you want to sell a part of America, buy a Japanese car." At the time this opinion was quite conventional wisdom among the inhabitants of the New World. However, the serious intentions of the Japanese and their competent policy implementation in the U.S. market in the end to take effect. Living proof - just appeared in Moscow, the new Acura RSX. Actually, the opening of any decent European automotive directory, you'll find the exact same car, only it will be called the Honda Integra. Then where did the Acura? The fact that the major Japanese manufacturers in the 80's specifically for the United States created a new brand. Asian marketers quite reasonably thought that it is easier to sell the Yankees, for example, some Lexus, than to persuade them to buy a hated childhood Toyota. However, Lexus is now known to many. Even nissanovsky Infiniti occurs quite often. But when the word "Acura" on the faces of many a question. Meanwhile, the brand appeared in 1986 - earlier than those referred to Lexus and Infiniti. So, our today's guest - the newest model of Acura - RSX. In appearance the car looks like a real sports car, but actually in the body RSX hatchback. However, this does not prevent novelty to be swift and elegant. Acura is especially good in front - its predatory "beak" and the original lights look very stylish and will likely cause the respect of going ahead, glancing in the rearview mirror. And the design of the rear of the headlights with a la Ferrari was vivid and unforgettable. I opened the massive door and ... stiffens, looking across the beautiful sport "bucket" seats. Yes, before these could be seen except on the Integra Type-R or S2000! Front panel for its architecture recalled a hybrid Honda Insight. She seemed to be rolled out to the driver, so the tape recorder control unit or the climate control is easy. Incidentally, the latter made a very original and fashionable way nowadays - something similar had to meet in today's Alfa Romeo and the new Mini. In general, the RSX interior is made to be extremely non-trivial. Get at least a combination of instruments: every face is a kind of saucer titanium color on which moving red arrow. It looks stunning, but at night readability testimony is markedly reduced. Another surprise was the back seat. It turns out, Acura - a full-fledged four-seater car, a rarity for a coupe of this size. Well, for those who still believe that sports coupe - just for two, offers a very interesting version of the transformation salon. You can add a back seat (in whole or in part!), And then get luggage (and even with a completely flat floor!), Who envies a family hatchback. So fans of active leisure will not have to leaf through catalogs in search of extra luggage to the bike or ski. But today, we will to others, no less active in sports ... The key is to start - from under the hood there was a pleasant baritone voice. Well, let's examine what can the holder. The more so because this engine, although not the most highly accelerated (for Honda 160 "horses" with 2 liters of displacement - not the biggest index), equipped with a modernized system of i-VTEC. Sure the acceleration from virtually idle, followed by a pleasant sound-minded production, after 4000 revolutions gently gaining ground, breaking off only in the region 7000. There is a rapid change of the transfer - and all the Acura RSX repeated. However, this only happens when the gas pedal "stuck" to the floor. Otherwise, the "machine" too early to switch upward, and the uniform motion constantly strives to "plug in" fifth gear, keeping it even braking. Nothing can be done - setting affects the car under the U.S. consumer. Meanwhile, in itself hondovsky "automatic" deserves a commendation. Switch quickly and gently, delay the transition to the kick-down mode is small. "Those who disagree" with the same settings active driving enthusiasts can use the manual mode. Especially like that RSX only encourages driving. Suspension and steering shakes riders pretty, but the various "flaws" of our roads in the form of joints, somehow stacked patch holes and simply swallowed quite willingly. In addition, the clearance Acura (15 cm) makes it possible not to fear for the health of low-hanging units. So move quickly in the space on this car can be even in the harsh conditions of the Russian roads. Do not tell me that the car is tuned "for America," and the nature of control. No "wadding" in communication between the driver and the road! Informativeness of the steering height. Reaction - fast and accurate. Oversteer - almost neutral. Class! And only the brake pedal could be a little more "transparent." The result? Acura RSX - a very interesting car. Moreover, it is intended, in my opinion, the people who have long stare at the spectacular sport dvuhdverki, that's just put this into his garage is not solved for practical reasons. They say, and almost no trunk and back seat - for the sports bag. For these people, spit out my RSX trumps. In addition to the traditional style of these vehicles, personality, sport ... Well, for those who are forever poisoned high-octane gasoline, the Japanese have a special gift - Acura RSX Type-S. By the way, I hinted that this machine is already on the way to Russia.

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