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Acura RL

Acura RL (Acura RL) - representative of the all-wheel drive vehicle manufacturer Acura. The first model appeared in the North American market in 1996 and pushed in the direction of not less than the popular Acura Legend. Except for the different badging and trim on the domestic market in Japan machine is positioned under the name Honda Legend.

The appearance of second-generation Acura RL, which appeared in 2004, was significantly different from their predecessors. Salon is designed for five people and has a gorgeous finish of leather and wood. As options are available satellite radio, system audio-DVD Acura Bose system and communication OnStar. To better illuminate the road mounted lights that can rotate up to 20 degrees depending on the speed and control.

Specifications are Acura RL 3.5-liter transversely mounted engine with fuel injection system of the distribution capacity of 304 horsepower. , The maximum speed at Acura RL. the sedan does not exceed 215 km / hour. Ahead at the finish line Acura ZDX, car accelerates from zero to hundred in 6.7 seconds.

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