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acura nsx

NSX has become a leader and even an icon in the class of car Acura - mainly due to its attractive appearance and incredible figure rises to power. The target audience is an Acura, basically, a rich layer of Americans. What can you do - more power means a hefty price. William Law of Drag Pro Inc. proved that he deserved to become the owner of one of these rare cars.

His Acura NSX-T 1998 release is now virtually identical to the 2005 model year. The front end has been completely replaced by the components in 2005: the front bumper Taitec Competition S-Tai has been modified specifically for the new optics Route KS, was changed to carbon fiber hood. On each side hung ventilated aggressive "skirt" from Phase Racing. New items in the rear bumper included the 2005 spoiler, a diffuser in the bumper of the NSX-R carbon fiber wing and on the NSX-R. The whole kit was painted gaudily yellow Spa Yellow Pearl.

Unique motor vehicle with a mileage of 62 thousand km. we needed a very easy upgrade. Lo decided that the best option to increase capacity without harm to the young engine supercharger will. A complete set of supercharged, carbon-fiber box that stood filter with a low drag coefficient, and exhaust manifolds, stainless steel, as well as adhesion Power Grip II William ordered from Comptech. HKS has he got the ignition system Twin-Power DLI, the engine management system F-Con V-Pro, a fuel pressure regulator, radiator cap and oil cap D1 Limited Edition, iridium spark plugs and injectors capacity 680cc. Completed the changes under the hood tubing adapter Dali Racing Competition, a voltage E-PAC, a low-temperature thermostat from Mugen intake and Cantrell Concepts FRP.

The interior of the car is full of downright brands. Steering wheel, pedals, aluminum lever gearbox six speeds - all of Mugen Sports. Gearshift is connected to the system of "Smart Shifter" by Dali Racing, as well as to the mechanism of "Short Shift" to reduce the time shift. Instead seat came stock black seat Sparco Torino, providing the perfect safety and comfort for both driver and passenger. The work of the motor is controlled by a driver with various electronics, the range of which varies from Blitz to HKS. Super-rare navigator from Honda OEM Japan is conveniently located in the center console. For the soundtrack meets the head unit Clarion ProAudio touch screen STOCK speakers were ruthlessly discarded, but instead they came to 6.5-inch coaxial speakers Clarion ProAudio. Basses are passed through a four amplifier from Clarion in an 8-inch subwoofer from JL Audio, built-in specially made fiberglass body. Another handy new dress - a device that facilitates installation and removal of the steering wheel.

Instead, the standard suspension the car has received shocks HKS Hipermax, which provided more clearance for easy adjustment and depreciation. To make the body more rigidity were installed anti-roll bar and rear frame stiffness from Comptech. Major modifications have touched the back of the body, but the front part has not gone unnoticed here were installed spacers on NSX-R.

Work on the car came to a close, it became the top is a new braking system for the orderly NSX. The front wheels were installed bigger brakes from Stop-tech brake pads with Performance Friction Competition. The rear wheels are now ventilated discs and pads Power Slot Project Mu (B Force Series). Also, all four wheels have stainless steel hoses and vents carbon brake discs - from Dali Racing.

Mackin Industries bestowed NSX kit vintage titanium wheels Volk Racing CE28 with tires Falken FK-451.

Now NSX will reign everywhere - on the track and in the city.
The list of improvements:

Comptech Supercharger Kit
Comptech Carbon Fiber Air Box Assembly w / High Flow Element
Comptech Stainless Steel Headers
Comptech Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust
Comptech Power Grip II Clutch Set
(Lightened Flywheel, Single Plate Clutch Combo)
Dali Racing Competition Adaptor Pipes
E-PAC Voltage Stabilizer
HKS Twin-Power DLI Ignition System
HKS F-Con V-Pro Engine Management System w/97 + harness and adaptor
HKS Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
HKS D1 Limited Edition 1.3 bar Radiator Cap
HKS Oil cap
HKS Super Fire Racing Iridium Spark Plugs
HKS 680cc Top Feed Injectors
Mugen Low Temperature Thermostat
Cantrell Concepts FRP Air ram

HKS Hipermax Coilover Suspension Kit
Comptech Billet Aluminum Rear Tri-Point Tower Brace
Comptech Sway Bar Upgrade
2002 NSX-R Forward Brace
2002 NSX-R Front Under Brace

Taitec Competition S-Tai Front Bumper Modified to Accept 02-up Headlights
Phase Racing / Marga Hills Vented Side Skirts
2005 Update OEM Look Carbon Fiber Hood
2005 Update Rear Bumper Valance
2005 Update NSX-R Rear Bumper Diffuser
2005 Update Trunk Lip Spoiler
2005 Update NSX-R OEM Look Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler by DownForce
2005 Headlight Update
Route KS Headlight Conversion Kit
Dali Racing Radiator Shield
Billet Radiator Brackets

Volk Racing CE28 Wheels 18x8 +38 / 19x9.5 +35 (Limited Edition Titanium Gunmetal Finish)
Falken FK-451 Tires 225-35-18/275-30-19

StopTech Front Big Brake Upgrade Kit (12.9 X 1.1 Inch Rotors)
Power Slot Slotted Rotors Rear
Performance Friction Competition Brake Pads Front
Project Mu (B Force Series) Brake Pads Rear
Dali Racing Stainless Steel Brake lines
Dali Racing Carbon Fiber Brake Air Deflectors

Blitz DTT-DC II Turbo Timer
Blitz R-VIT Monitoring System
Dali Racing Smart Shifter w / Warning Buzzer
Dali Racing Short Shift Adaptor
Dali Racing Smartenna
Honda OEM Japan Navigation Pod
HKS CAMP Display Monitoring System
HKS CAMP Junction Box w / EGT / Temp / Press Sensors
2005 NSX-R Carbon Garnish Mesh Shift Boot
Mugen Reserve Tank Covers for PS / Brake and ABS
Mugen Weighted CNC Aluminum 6 Speed ​​Shift Knob (2005 Version)
Mugen Sports Pedal Pads
Mugen Sports Type Steering Wheel
Mugen Power Horn Button
Splash Shortened Hub
Quick Release Adaptor
Sparco Torino Sport Seats in black w / Sparco Sliders and Brackets
Clarion ProAudio Touch Screen Head unit Model DZX955MC
Clarion ProAudio Coaxial 6.5 inch Speakers
Clarion 4Channel Amplifier Model APA4320
JL Audio Model JL8W3V2 8 inch subwoofer in custom fiberglass enclosure

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