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Acura NSX

Brand-new Acura NSX (Acura NSX) is considered one of the best in the world of cars handling. Excellent technical performance Acura NSX and stylistic refinement machine deservedly popular among buyers and among professionals. Mid-engine sports car layout for the European market, sold under the name Honda NSX.

The first representative of this model was produced in 1990 and was made entirely of lightweight metal.

Basic equipment of all modifications Acura NSX had a good active and passive safety system: four-channel system ABS, regardless of the control disc brakes on all wheels, electronic traction control, airbags Rayon 66.

Sleek sports car equipped with the latest generation of 3-liter 4 - cylinder V6 engine with a system of distribution of injection. Acura NSX at. body coupled with the power plant of this size has a 255 horsepower operating capacity, with a maximum speed of cars is 260 km / hour.

Powerful as the Acura RDX, a handsome English looks confidently on the road and slightly modified appearance and internal content led to an improvement of the already good speed of a car.

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