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Acura MDX
The emergence of a new car on the market - always an event. However, the novelty of which will be discussed now, is particularly interesting: not so often come to us from the U.S. machine, the more - the recognized authoritative editions of the best in its class.

In addition, it is difficult to recall a case when the St. Petersburg premiere would coincide with the European one. And in this case, in fact, the real fact is that the car which will be discussed, while not represented in the Old World. In our city it is already possible to buy.

So, get acquainted: Acura MDX - SUV of the famous North American manufacturer. Cars Acura brand is, in fact, improved variants of the Japanese Honda and produced at the plants of Asian companies in the New World. Here, by the way, Honda sold a par with Acura (and in much larger quantities), but "Americans" still have differences on how to design, and on completion. The choice is usually made in favor of cars Acura.

The word "SUV" did not accurately explain what is the Acura MDX. Similarly, cars in America was invented by another name - SUV, or Sport Utility Vehicle (all-wheel drive for active recreation). That is, by definition, this machine combines the advantages of all-terrain vehicle with a city car. And, despite the off-road appearance, Acura in many "urban", for example, the wheelbase is comparable with the base of an ordinary sedan - 2700 mm.

The mere fact that the MDX came to us from America, causes serious about this car. It is known that the ocean most of all love and appreciate great cars with high traffic. However, the Japanese origin should be set to upbeat mood of the most demanding car enthusiasts, after all units are traditionally engine, suspension, driving performance should be on top.

Well, the best recommendation for Acura is the fact that the popular magazine Motor Trend, conducted tests found the best SUV MDX 2001, noting both the driving performance and comfort in the car. A worthy contenders were: BMW X5, Ford Escape, GMC Denali XL, Hyundai Santa Fe, Infiniti QX4, Mazda Tribute, Mitsubishi Montero, Pontiac Aztek, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Sequoia ...

As the SUV concept car was introduced a year ago Detroytstkom Motor Show, but it was already clear that the car not long be a prototype. Already at an auto show in New York aired a serial version of the car, which became a major sensation cabin. Even before the start of production (the first rolled off the assembly line MDX fall 2000) was showered with orders for the novelty.

Thus, the emergence of new Acura in the American market to its European (ie, St. Petersburg), the debut took quite a bit of time. And from a historical point of view of the St. Petersburg and the world premiere, we can assume simultaneous events.

Inside, more than the outside

Familiarity with the Acura MDX quite live up to expectations: in front of us - a worthy representative of the new century. The exterior design can not be called revolutionary, but it has seen in recent years a popular retreat from the direct forms in favor of sports and smooth lines.

Perhaps, in some angles can be confused MDX c mini-venom: the contributing sloping windscreen and a few hard for (superficially) back ...

But the thing that took the Sino-American SUV from large family cars - it's roominess. From inside the car does seem more spacious than the outside. In particular, according to this indicator, Acura surpassed all competitors to test Motor Trend.

7-seater car: seating are located on Figure 2 - 3 - 2. You do not even too comfortable chairs in the third row in the Acura guarantee rather agreeable trip. Unlike other models, the third row of seats in the MDX retracted into the floor, which is absolutely smooth.

Americans love to measure the amount of car crates of beer. So, if we add the second and third row of seats, the MDX will fit 34 boxes, significantly outperforming the competition. During the middle seat will fit 20 boxes, with the rear - 5. Latest figures - a record.

Translating the number of boxes in more familiar to us liters, we obtain the following figures: 2343 L - 1429 L - 429 hp. (Imagine, for a third row of seats - 429 liters of space, far from every town can boast of such a car trunk). About this SUV roominess not even dream, it is not surprising that the driver and passengers feel at Acura freely and comfortably.

Wood, leather, fabric

On the inside trim detail, perhaps, it makes no sense. We only note that for an SUV MDX is equipped and decorated beautifully and not surprisingly, is a luxury car. The quality of furniture is comparable to the most stylish car driver and passengers sit in leather perforated seats and interior is decorated with polished wood and cloth. The front seats are equipped with the memory side and lumbar support.

The center console looks impressive aluminum inserts. Standard equipment includes, among other things, an excellent original audio with seven speakers BOSE and CD-changer. It can be put together seven CDs, so that in the long journey for the new tunes do not have to climb into the trunk.

Thermal comfort on the road will provide a climate control system, managed separately by passengers sitting in the front and rear.

Behind the wheel

The biggest - and most importantly, a pleasant surprise for a man sat down behind the wheel of Acura, will be handling and ride car. As stated by the creators of the new SUV, their goal was to create a machine which will be comfortable for anyone, even extreme driving, reminiscent of mountain biking, rock climbing or kayaking trip.

Even a short trip to the Acura (first MDX, whose wheels set foot on European soil) at St. Petersburg's highways has convinced us that the Japanese Union of American power and reliability has created extraordinary results. The driver is very obedient, easy to operate, and the passengers on any road feel comfortable.

Start the car at the St. Petersburg track its smooth acceleration reminded not all-terrain vehicle, and fast family car. (Actually, the first tests, made in America, allowed to compare the progress with the progress of Acura Honda Legend).

The aluminum 3.5-liter DOHC VTEC 3,5 V6 is a lot like unit with akurovskogo sedan RL. By optimizing the motor vehicle designers to increase power from 210 to 240 hp. with. At the same VTEC system will produce nearly the maximum torque (330 at maximum 340 Hm Hm) in a large speed range: 2 to 5 thousand

Dispersal has surpassed all our expectations. The car just sped ahead and launched simultaneously with the sedan we did not win at a traffic light or meter. The new engine management system and a 5-speed gearbox with torque converter locking SUV accelerates to "hundreds" of less than 9 seconds, which can also be considered a record for the machines of this class.

Solid power characteristics, however, had no impact on fuel consumption. Acura may well be cost-effective machine, spending in urban cycle no more than 10 liters per 100 kilometers and the city - 13-15 liters. The advantages of the model, assign, and low emissions that meets the most stringent in the world of California's environmental standards ULEV.

But then we got to the area with ice. And what happened? No new sensations. The main thing is not an unpleasant feeling that the car is about to spin out of control.

A five-speed automatic transmission, of course, contributes to this. But the dependability and reliability in the administration - merit in the first place the main novelty in the car: all-wheel drive management system Variable Torque Management.

This device automatically "analysis" of each wheel traction with the road distributes torque between the front and rear axles. As soon as the Acura starts to slip, the machine of front-wheel drive becomes. Wheel spin is absolutely excluded, that creates a sense of perfect unity of the car on the road.

VTM can be disabled, and then the whole drive will be in the rear wheels. We have tried to do it, drove in a century dirt, and after the first pressing on the gas easily left out of the quagmire. (Let us give tribute and original tires Mechelin Cross Terrain 235/65 R17, mounted on the first model Acura: they also help to cool on a soft surface).

At a speed of 30 km / h on the first and second gear may include a special regime that maximizes the torque to the rear axle. However, even without a powerful engine will show the best off-road qualities.

Management contribute to a comfortable independent Wishbone with coil springs and stabilizer bar, and reliable disc brakes with standard anti-lock system. The suspension is very stiff and is especially good in the corners: there is almost no heel, and the trajectory is exactly the one that sets the driver.

For the comfort and safety

Despite the fact that the probability of an accident while driving MDX in any competent management is negligible, the security developers have taken care thoroughly. In the car, installed new side and front airbags, significantly increased stiffness of the body with energy-absorbing zones in the doors are special protective bars.

In addition to ABS, as standard equipment includes cruise control, navigation system, immobilizer, luggage rack on the roof, sunroof, trip computer and tape recorder already mentioned ...

For our future

Many experts believe that a car similar to Acura MDX - the future. It is difficult to find a route that will not subject SUV; at the same time, and quality of road and off-road machine is confidence.

In St. Petersburg, the novelty will cost about 70 thousand dollars, which, of course, more expensive than in America. The reason is clear: this car is brought from the ocean, by definition, can not be cheap. At the Acura MDX has 3-year warranty.

The large capacity of seven seats and make the car comfortable for long family trips. Combining the advantages of different cars, Acura could easily become a leader. And not just in its class.

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