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Acura MDX

Acura MDX (Acura MDX) - a dynamic five-door SUV North American Branch of Concern Honda. An updated version of the second generation went on sale in December 2009.

The peculiar shape of the body and the bezel grille give even more aggressive appearance, the car. Adapted power steering system and a rigid trailing arm suspension setup provided good handling car.

Acura MDX - dynamic appearance and a great interior design. Shop with skin from Milan, convenient control panel with buttons and signs, ventilated front seats - everything for the comfort of the occupants. Unlike the Acura CL, the model has such functions as tracking the changes in weather conditions, as well as a tracking system for traffic with the function of changes in the route.

The impressive dimensions of the Acura MDX updated in the back of SUV can be safely attributed to the model of business-class cars. Length - 4867 mm, width - 2238 mm, height - 1733 mm.

Security control function with the "blind zones", excellent technical characteristics Acura MDX, a wide range of additional features provide reliable operation at any time under any conditions.

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