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Acura Legend

Some buy a modest, but the new consumer goods. Others - for the same money - an exclusive, but worn. Honda Legend - just for those motorists who prefer cars that were once very expensive.

Remember children's story about a cunning fox, who first put one foot on the sled, then a second and then climbed up on them entirely? History of development model Honda Legend in something similar to this story.

The Japanese company has decided this model to show the world that she is able to create not only a reliable cheap cars. For example, in 1985, motorists were offered a comfortable business class car, which in size was correlated with the Audi 100 and the BMW 5-Series. Representing the second generation Legend, the Japanese pushed the car up a notch - in the category of executive cars. Judge for yourself - the second generation of this model with a 4-door notchback and larger than the wheelbase of the BMW 7 Series (E32) and the Audi V8, yielding on these indicators among European competitors only Mercedes S-Class (W140).

The duplicity of her to-face

Honda Legend is represented by two modifications - 4-door sedan and 2-door coupe. The latter modification is also quite common on our roads. It is not uncommon and overseas their "sisters" - model Legend, sold in America under the name Acura. They are somewhat different from the "European" design bumpers, grille and optics.

All bodies are galvanized Legend, so a flash rusting, as a rule, evidence of poor-quality repairs after an accident. By the way, the creators seriously take care of safety of the crew in the event of an accident. Thus, all the bodywork is integrated special protective capsule, which consists of a built-in safety cage, amplifying beams in the doors, as well as front and rear subframes. In the cabin for the same reason there are two front airbag, which are standard on the Legend.

Level of basic equipment on a vehicle corresponds to the high class and includes power steering, central locking, leather trim, full power to drives windows, exterior mirrors and front seats (driver, moreover, is equipped with memory for 2 positions), heated seats, a proprietary audio system climate and cruise control. Very useful and tracking system for tire pressure, which is found on many machines.

With this "gentleman" set owner is unlikely to feel the lack of comfort inside the car.

And one soldier in the field

For the "Japanese Legend" was intended to only one power unit - V6 volume of 3.2 liters (205 hp), which accelerates a 1.5-ton vehicle with a manual transmission to "hundreds" in 8.1 sec. This 24-valve engine likes high speed - the maximum power is reached at 5.5 thousand rev / min and, like all other engines from Honda Racing "pedigree," no problem can withstand operation in harsh sport mode. According to experts branded service stations, some engines have already "dash" to 500 sq km and has not yet require a major overhaul!

This unit is equipped with an intake manifold with variable-length inlet tract. This design allows for optimum filling of cylinders with a combustible mixture at different engine operating modes and thus to obtain high dynamic performance over a wide speed range.

Another technical "trick" - used in the motor ignition system with individual coils on each spark that allowed to avoid loss of current at high voltage wires and greatly improved the quality and reliability of the engine system. Use candles with platinum-plated electrodes also allowed to significantly increase their service life - up to 100 sq km. Although they are not cheap: one piece - $ 30.

To reduce vibrations transmitted to the body, front engine suspended on pneumohydraulic supports with vacuum-electronic controls. They are "carefully" monitor the vibration and thoroughly extinguish them. In addition, these pillars are quite reliable, but the rear standard rubber feet on the machine, hitting about 300 sq km, out of order (work - $ 18, spare part - $ 74). At the same mileage may leak rear oil seal crank (work - $ 180, spare part - $ 30) and oil level sensor in the motor (work - $ 133, spare - $ 220).

When buying a used car is recommended to replace the timing belt and tensioner to eliminate the likelihood of breakage due to wear - do not always know when the details have changed in the last time. As recommended by the automaker this operation should be performed every 100 thousand miles. It is desirable to check the water pump - it is powered by a timing belt. Although, according to the engine-if you do not pour water into the cooling system, "pump" is capable to serve for a long time.

How are we going?

Most of the Honda Legend, kolesyaschih on the roads of Ukraine, equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission, though there are versions with a 5-step "mechanics."

Incidentally, the second generation Legend - the last on which you installed mechanical transmission. In addition, this particular model Honda designers for the first time equipped with an automatic transmission with adaptive management program. "Smart" controller PPC is able to adapt to driving style and according to this mode shifts gear. For example, a man goes quietly - transfer switch in the range of 2.5 - 3 thousand rev / min, and if the horse becomes more dynamic - at 5.5 - 6 thousand rev / min.

According to the workers of service, both PPC are quite reliable, although after a long run (about 300 sq km) may leak oil from the oil seal input shaft (work - $ 180, spare part - $ 15) or seal of the intermediate shaft of the differential (work - $ 180 spare - $ 18). Other problems with these units did not happen. Naturally, timely service - Control of tightness and change the oil every 40 thousand miles. In the "mechanics" to pour motor oil 10W-40 viscosity, but in the "automatic" - automatic transmission synthetic lubricant ATF Z1. For a long service life of automatic transmission with mileage of 200 sq km, experts advise wash transmission "fresh" oil.

Dear suspension

Independent multi-link front and rear suspension fitted with stabilizer bars, provides a reasonable smoothness. In this sport, "hardened" chassis allows you to "fool around" on the road - to make a drastic rebuild or go into a turn at a decent speed.

In principle, the suspension is durable - its lifetime of about 200 thousand kilometers. So much can go out the front ball joints and levers silent blocks back. When the time for replacing the "ball" will have to seriously invest, because the upper support change only with levers, and the original piece is worth about $ 300. Also made non-removable rear arm ball joints (around $ 270), although they are able to serve more than 250 thousand kilometers.

Promotes the active drive sharp steering, equipped with hydraulic power steering, which changes the degree of increase depending on the speed, and powerful disc brakes equipped with a system ABS. And the front brakes - ventilated and two-piston! On machines with high mileage (over 300 sq km), upon failure of the sensor ABS, but they are not cheap - over $ 200. It is not recommended to save money and the brake fluid (it should be replaced every 2 years or 60 thousand km) - otherwise it leads to corrosion of the system. In the first place is suffering from brake master cylinder - it begins to bypass the liquid (with the piston repair kit - $ 120).

Do you love to ride ...

Honda Legend is for those motorists who want to stand out among the owners of the usual high-class cars and like to actively ride. However, exploiting the "Far Eastern legend," must be prepared to spend a lot of money for its maintenance and spare parts.

By the way, Legend less prestigious, so it is cheaper than their German rivals, odnogodok. Average prices for Japanese cars are shown in the diagram, and find the right copy will help catalog the weekly "Car Market."

Personal experience

Maxim, 34,

Exploiting the machine a year, Acura Legend 3,2 liter (205 hp) 24V, mileage - 217 sq km, age - 9 years

I am a connoisseur of unusual machines, therefore, decided to buy "American» - Acura Legend. Except for a few external parts, is a Japanese Legend, and even serve it without any problems on the company's SRT Honda. Incidentally, the cost of spare parts and repairs is high enough. This seemingly ordinary procedure as replacing the timing belt tensioner pulley with, it is worth about $ 300. I had to change some details in the rear suspension - it's "fun" cost about $ 500. Although the last six months the machine does not deliver a hassle.

Note of the disadvantages of a narrow aperture in the trunk. Once it was necessary to move the TV, so had to drag him into the cabin - in the trunk he crept.

Advantages Legend - solid "stuffing" the interior with full power accessories and leather trim and "charged" engine, which allows to contend with serious rivals.

I really like the machine, and part with it I do not think.

Personal experience

Alexander, 29 years old

Exploiting the machine 3 years, Honda Legend 3,2 liter (205 hp) 24V, mileage - 287 sq km, age - 8 years

I'm a fan of cars Honda - I appreciate them for their excellent quality and temperament Japanese. Previously went to the fourth Accord, and then the fifth generation. Now I decided to buy a car and plenty of more solid.

Legend went on a very competitive price - after hitting into the back. Restoration at a cost of $ 3 thousand there are no other costs of the car for 3 years of operation, I was not. Of course, not including consumables - oil changes, filters and brake pads.

Like comfort, rich equipment, powerful engine and amazing throttle response stability of the vehicle. Thanks to "mnogorychazhke" even sharp turns can be ground at a decent speed. For completeness, I really enjoy that lacks a manual transmission - automatic can not fully realize the potential vysokooborotistogo motor.

In the near future to sell the Legend is not going to - now alternative for myself I do not see.

Decoding VIN-number of car

JHM KA7 6 00 4 C 001 001

1 - 3 4 - 6 7 9.8 10 11 12 - 17

1-3. The designation of the manufacturer JHM - Japan Honda Motor Co LTD

4-6. Model and engine KA7 - 4-door sedan Honda Legend, KA8 - 2-door coupe Honda Legend

7. Transmission option 5 - 5-speed manual gearbox, 6 - 4-speed automatic transmission

8-9. "Idle" signs

10. Year of Production 0 - 1991 1 - 1992 2 - 1993 3 - 1994 4 - 1995

11. With the manufacturing plant - a plant in Sayama (Sayama)

12-17. Serial number of the body


Rich basic furnishings

Sports temperament engine

Good stability on the road

Reliability and durability of many components and assemblies

The low cost of the car (from the competition-odnogodok)


Dear spare parts and maintenance

There is no choice of engines - just one

A small trunk


01.91 The second-generation Honda Legend presented a 4-door sedan

11.90 debuts 2-door coupe

01.93 The basic version includes driver and passenger airbags, ABS system

01.94 Began installation of tire pressure monitoring system and traction control (TCS)

12.95 A change of generations Honda Legend

Before and after

The first generation Honda Legend 1985 - 90, at. As well as the heiress, was presented with two modifications - 4-door sedan and 2-door coupe. As the power plant was used only a petrol engine of 2.7 liters (167 liters...)

The current, third generation Legend includes only the 4-door sedan and a tradition for this model is equipped with only one gasoline V-shaped 6-cylinder 3.5 liter engine. Moreover, despite the increase, the new engine develops the same power as a unit and its predecessor - 205 liters. with. As transmission using 4-speed adaptive "automatic".

According to the official distributor of Honda in the Ukraine, the starting price Legend of the third generation of $ 52 thousand

Honda Legend

Body type sedan coupe
Doors / Seats 4 / 5 2 / 4
Dimensions L / W / H, mm 4950/1810/1410 4885/1810/1370
Base, mm 2910 2830
Curb Weight, kg 1555/2150 1545/2150
The amount of luggage, l 427 417
Fuel tank capacity, l 68
Drive type front
Gearbox 5-speed. mech. or 4-speed. autom.
Brakes front / rear disc. vent. / drive.
Suspension, front / rear nezav. / independent.
Tires 205/65 R15, 215/55 R16
Gasoline 6-cylinder: 3.2 liters (205 liters..) 24V
Prices for new aftermarket parts, $ *
Brake pads peredn. / rear. 65/37
The air filter 33
The fuel filter 22
The oil filter 6
Bearing peredn. / rear. 74/65
Peredn. damper front / rear. 157/130
CV Joints 167
Ball joint lower. Frt. lever 35
Clutch, package 463
Pump 100
Radiator 370
Generator 407
Starter 443
Camshaft 260
Timing belt 74
Timing belt idler 70

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