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Acura EL

The emblem of the "Honda" has been and remains a stylized letter "N" - with what can not be confused. "Acura" crowns made in the same spirit, letter "A". Without a central bar, the bukovka - like slender legs ballerina performing the pas de deux on the radiator grille.

Options have become standard. Decorating has become richer, more impressive appearance. Only a specialist will celebrate a common origin of these two representatives of the golf-class. "Acura" correct comparison is not with "golf" and the "Vento".

The model comes in three versions: Japanese, mostly represented here, in Russia (of course, with "normal" position of steering wheel), European, usually imported "gray" dealers, and the U.S. - you can see it in the photo. It was she who called the Acura - is encrypted for gullible Americans who do not want to buy Japanese products (by analogy with pairs of Toyota-Lexus, Nissan-Infiniti). Incidentally, the U.S. sales rankings Acura for several years occupied the highest positions.

In the Japanese version of the front optics simply gigantic: sets on the bonnet and wings (like an updated Mondeo). In the European version of another form of exterior mirrors and door handles that do not open up, and sideways on itself. On "American," lighting matches overseas standards: taillights entirely red, the front gabaritki - yellow. With the ignition lights are on constantly. And, of course, all the different registration trio of bumpers, grilles and other details. As for the body, here on the same basis, but with different length (due to rear overhang) provides: four-door sedan, three-and five-door hatchbacks and wagon impressive size.

For us to test-drive sedan came Acura EL Premium. Full range of options: cruise control, supple leather, heated front seats, automatic transmission, electro four windows, mirrors and sunroof, alloy wheels lovely 15 ', factory CD radio and alarm with remote control. Two airbags - without this, the ocean on the market is better not to go. Corporate engine VTEC - 1,6 l and 127 (!) "Horses" with the characteristic flat hondovskim hood.

Appearance pastors worked out very carefully. Everything looks harmoniously, and with the current general anonymity still felt generic features. Painted black metallic bumpers, mirrors and handles are indistinguishable in texture and color of the steel panels. Thanks to the balanced form of "Acura" gives the impression of a solid, quiet pastors. And it seems more than it actually is - as if already belongs to the next grade. But, except for the length, all other parameters, namely the weight, wheelbase, range of available engines still put Acura EL at the upper limit of C-segment in the European classification.

Interior pretty interesting. First, the unexpected scope and front and rear. Secondly, the seats, moving step by step only in two dimensions, it is still possible to find exactly your position, regardless of growth - will help control wheel on top.

Adjustment of external mirrors and sunroof had to look for. And then, both hidden away in the dash - left at the bottom of the steering column. Use on the move with small buttons rather difficult. "Bagel" wheel, and has earned the mark of a 5 + if it were not for the alarm button. According to the original plan they need to push your thumbs, but the trouble is that this will have to stretch or even tear his hand from the steering wheel. Perhaps this is the side effect of the presence of airbags.

More accessible buttons cruise control, located also on the steering wheel. Extensive automatic transmission shifter "grows" from the floor where you need it, but for a full hand grip has to dish out for yourself. True, the machine can be switched and fingers. So, what would still find fault?

The control panel stove and air conditioner is on arm's length. The buttons are informative, are highlighted. There is also a mode of combustion air from the cabin in case the smoke around the diesel trucks.

The most surprising is that the cabin did not have an ashtray and cigarette lighter. Instead, they discovered cassette recorder attached to a music system and power socket selection. It is, of course, correct: smoking - health harm. For me - so good. But who can guarantee that your companion will not a heavy smoker? Tinkering will have an ashtray or cigarette butts collected throughout the cabin.

Review as a whole is good, especially in advance. True, the front desk seemed to us too massive. Mirrors do not give a complete picture of what is happening behind.

Photographic bag and put in the trunk opening lever near the driver's seat just as the hatch and fuel tank. There is another access to the trunk - in the back seat of the passenger compartment. Two canopy on the ceiling can not strain your eyes in the study of the Roadmap in the evening.

Well, it's time to ride. In Moscow's minus 18 with the engine set off the first turn the key. Engine idling barely audible. There is almost no vibration. Toggle automatic transmission selector in position Drive, do not forget to press the brake pedal. Gets under way. Switching occurs on time without delay. Power steering - though powerful, but not excessive (mind set "plus"). Unexpectedly soft suspension swallows joints on asphalt.

Let us now try extreme mode. Frankly, we're going to be a torment that car on the runway of the airfield of the Central, but summed up the weather. After the November snowfall picked up the December Moscow frost. Slippery and snow. The intention to put the poor thing on two wheels had to be abandoned. The city is to find a number of free streets, we slightly frolic.

Calm driver, shrugging his shoulders, asks: you're right about 127 "horses"? The machine is a machine. Scorcher is able to squeeze out all 127 of gromkopoyuschego engine only 6-7 thousands of rotation. Such power characteristics of highly accelerated engines. At lower levels they are, as they say, "at altitude" (sorry for the pun). Would suggest that at lower compression ratios, more gentle and torque curves of cardinality, somewhere in the two and a half - three thousand revolutions would have been higher than the current - ostropikovyh.

Unfortunately, to realize the full potential of the motor VTEK - 1,6 l we can, just by checking the maximum speed - with the gas pedal to the floor, with 0 and up to 130-140 km / h. In ordinary urban "machine" always strove to substitute us the next gear and reduce speed to normal. I confess that even somehow reassuring. It seems that with the "mechanics" we have always laid the tachometer pointer on the right side. V-Pick the same as if he does not want to be athletic donors.

The suspension can be called optimal: Banks in turn are small and potholes do not make you jump up to the ceiling. Understeer is characterized by inadequate, even compared with front-wheel classmates. On the snow-covered road at 70 km / h to let the rear axle steering into a skid buildup did not succeed in spite of the typical summer "tires." Only lever "parking brake" in turn helped to put the car sideways, and then only for a maximum of 150o.

On a dry road trying to simulate a permutation, to provoke a full or partial discharge of the internal wheels. In vain. At exorbitant rates it is certainly possible, but in the real world only Acura front axle slides out. The brakes certainly good, but for some reason ABS is triggered too early. I want to put pressure on the pedal again and again. However, it is subjective.

On the way back to fill them. Surprised to find that the 92-th gasoline - not the worst than can "feed" this urbanist of civilized. The factory recommends using fuel not less than 86 (!) Octane units. Although the tank capacity is small - 45 hp, VTEC engine consumption is low even by today's standards.

Overall, we liked this car and much more. It fits easily into a tight stream of Moscow, but an unusual name for our market clearly distinguishes it from the total mass of Asian cars.

About the price of judge. The crisis has affected everyone, but all of the above options and the "freaks" also can not be ignored. By the summer will be so helpful conditioner, and a great radio with cassette, CD player and 4 speakers, like the factory alarm with remote control will save from the usual incremental costs associated with the acquisition of new pastors. Especially because dealers are now willing to offer various discounts. Perhaps, it will be on preferential service, but this will agree quite well.

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