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Acura CSX

Five-seater Acura CSX (Acura CSX) from the North American Branch of the Honda group companies Acura. Appearing before the public in 2005, the model is pushed into the shadow of his predecessor, Honda Civic IX.

On the market were presented in two versions Acura CSX: Touring and Premium. Specifications Acura CSX car 2005 model year engines are brand with VTEC petrol injection system and gas distribution mechanism DOHC. Manning the power plant capacity of 2.0 liter 157 horsepower, the car was equipped with a 5-speed or mechanical, or automatic transmission. Top speed is limited and does not exceed 200 kilometers per hour. Time to be compared with the hundreds of spectacular Acura EL and reaches 9.0 seconds. With 1290 kg curb weight, the car consumes 8.4 liters of fuel in the urban cycle is 100 kilometers.

Good handling on the track is ensured by an independent McPherson front suspension with stabilizer type and spring multilink rear suspension.

Sporty and dynamic Acura CSX is surely rests on the track at any time and in any weather.

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